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Another realm of my work is healing. I see individual clients and work with them primarily in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing.

The Soul is curious, it may even hurt, and the manifestations of this dis-ease are evident in our sense of incompleteness and searching. The ancient kabbalists knew how to connect with the Divine, where there were glimpses and experiences of wholeness.

For years my artwork has been seen as "healing", emotionally provocative yet tender, explorations of prayer as well as the search for experiences of Presence and union. Many of the workshops I was leading at the time were about "healing": the capacity to face the unknown, work with loss and transition, or explore texts for meaning, all using our ability to tap into our Creative Source with a variety of art materials.

For a number of years, I wanted to find a more direct path of working the places of vulnerability that were expressed in my work with people. From my own personal search, I came upon the work of Jason Shulman, A Society of Souls, a school for Integrated Kabbalistic Healing. My completion of his three-year intensive program was the intersection of my interests in Kabbalah and healing, and has given a form to another aspect of my current work.

The struggles, questions, and patterns in our lives can be wrestled with and understood kabbalistically, and addressed in a non- invasive encounter with a kabbalistic healer. Together we talk and sink to the roots of an issue, and compassionately approach and rebalance those places. I am available to give introductory talks on this profound path of healing, which uses the kabbalistic tree of life, and one's connection to the Divine as its source.

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